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Business owners are so busy handling everything that isn’t marketing or sales oriented, that they don’t have time to invest learning the things that can help them bring in more sales.

With hundreds of people interested in what you do, sometimes they are just not quite ready to buy from you.  Who are they, and how do you transform them from anonymous website visitors to actual leads.  Now it is time to be ahead of the competition and stop missing out on these potential customers.

We can get results for you faster than you can on your own and the process for doing this is easier, safer and more effective than what you are doing now.



We will explore new and existing ideas to identify new market segment to develop new opportunities in your industry


We will plan your business blueprint on how to take these new ideas and strategies to market


We will create a tailor made solutions unique to your business based on the ideas and strategies built in stage 1 & 2


We continue to work with you until you get the results you desire - guaranteed

Our Marketing Strategies

Customer Acquisition Program: Target Marketing and Remarketing

The CAP Program gives you the second chance to speak with the 90% of potential customers that never interact with your brand.

During this process, we will show you how to:

  • Determine the best type of lead magnet for attracting ideal clients
  • Stop struggling with getting leads or converting the leads that you do have
  • Work out which lead source is currently the most successful
  • Develop lead magnets to attract your target market
  • Build the automated systems to capture leads online and send them marketing messages
  • Drive targeted traffic from qualified prospects using advertising

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Customer Recovery Program: Turn Leads Into Sales

The CRP program allows you to create unique and individual communication to your customers so they are in their own world of special offers and call to actions tailored to them automatically reducing your work load.

During this process, we will show you how to:

  • Discover the 60% of people to market to and why
  • Drive qualified, targeted traffic to your website using advertising to that 60% of the market
  • Build the automated system that will track your website visitors and never lose a lead

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Customer Recovery Program 2: The Business Blueprint

Further advancing on the initial CRP program we can take this to the next level for business’s owners that are serious about adding millions of dollars to their net profit.

During this process, we will show you how to:

  • Even if you can’t help doesn’t mean you won’t be able to later – a process to keep potential clients coming back
  • Keep in touch with useful and relevant information for your clients
  • Work out which lead source is currently the most successful
  • Cross-sell and up-sell existing customers to increase revenue
  • Implement a referral program that works
  • The power of remarketing

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Customer Retention: Ultimate Business Blueprint

The Ultimate Business Blueprint is a process that teaches you how to use your time on the clients that matter the most.

During this process, we will show you how to:

  • Work out your client lifetime value
  • Work out your ABC clients and how to allocate your time to them
  • Build a system around the 80% of clients taking up most of your time for the least amount of return
  • Learn how to solve a problem on repeat for the rest of time
  • How to work a 24-hour week

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Our tailor made solutions are built from the ground up to solve small businesses biggest problems. If you are looking for proven and smarter ways to scale your business as you grow – book a free consult to find out how we can blueprint a solution for your business.

  • Colin has been instrumental in broadening my awareness of Online Business Strategies, in particular, that of the use of Social Media to establish my brand. Over a number of years, I have utilized Colin and his team for two complete website make-overs. I find his attention to detail excellent and that he is generous with his time and advice. I highly recommend Colin as a Business Coach and online marketing and branding expert.

    Steve McMarson
    Steve McMarson
    Steve McMarson Photography
  • I have been fortunate to work with Colin on several projects recently. Colin has a very special skill set in the areas of web development, social media marketing and demographic profiling. However, it is Colin’s application of these skill sets that has impressed me most. Colin looks at projects from a helicopter perspective to ensure that a project synergises across the business and offers the client total value. He will not take on a job if the end result will not add value to a client's business.

    James Crowson
    James Crowson
    Team Think

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