Manage the Sales Process

Manage the Sales Process

Even the most organised sales reps have a hard time knowing exactly where their leads stand. And let’s face it, most sales reps are not organised. Trying to remember where did the last conversation end or what is the opportunity size or when will the deal close is difficult for anyone dealing with multiple customers. It is also difficult for business owners to get a high-level overview of their pipeline, sales team productivity, and projected revenues.

What you need is your interactions, tasks, and appointments all in one place. Customise pipelines to automatically distribute leads, score the hottest prospects, sell to individuals or accounts, link multiple contacts, track deals through the process, and forecast future sales. This creates a systematised, predictable way to convert more leads into customers, with less effort and in a shorter amount of time.

Close More Deals Faster
Leads are great, but paying customers are better. You could spend money hiring a huge sales team. You could make more cold calls. Or—for a fraction of the cost—you could use sales management software to get even better results.

Pipeline Management
What if your sales process was streamlined, repeatable, and made you more productive? What if you knew how much revenue to expect every month, and which products were selling best? Sales management tools let you do that, without the manual work normally required.

• Automate follow-up reminders to help your sales team reach revenue goals faster
• View reports with revenue broken down by product, lead source, and dozens of other metrics
• Train new sales team members with a scalable system already in place
• Find confidence in accurate forecasts, knowing exactly which prospect needs what, and sales cycle trends that show you what works and what doesn’t

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