Capture More Leads

Capture More Leads

There are hundreds of people interested in what you do, but how do you get in front of them when they are ready to buy. Who are they, and how do you convert them from an anonymous website visitor into actual leads (with a name and an email address) or better yet, a paying customer?

You need a system that can collect and organise data from your online audience by inviting them to fill out a simple, ready-made lead capture form. Then you need this information to automatically save straight into your CRM. This is marketing automation. Now you can continue the conversation once they have left your site. This means no more lost opportunities.

Landing Page Builder
Landing pages and web forms help you capture user data from your website, like name and email addresses. You can then connect with the people who visit your website with marketing materials later.

• Create professional, branded landing pages for different campaigns or promotions
• Quickly make changes
• Test pages against each other using split test
• Publish your page instantly with free hosting or embed the page code on your site
• Leverage SEO to increase your online visibility

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