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Most small business owners are so busy that it’s hard for them to keep up—with the daily to-do list, let alone with the times.

Our mission is to help small businesses succeed. Everyone knows that too many small businesses are falling behind the curve on the marketing trends, tactics, and tools that will help them compete and succeed in an increasingly digital world that’s got expediential growth.

Allow us to tailor make a blueprint for your business fast tracking your success.

Our Business Solutions for Growing Businesses

CRM for Small Business

Organise your contacts and find out everything you need to know about your leads and customers. Store all this information in one place so nothing is ever missed or overlooked. Speak to the needs of your customers.

Online Sales

Upgrade your digital storefront and keep the cash flowing. Make it easier for your customers to buy from you. They will appreciate you for the experience.

Marketing Automation

Build relationships and engage your audience with personalised and automated follow up. Maximise any engagement you have with potential and existing clients. Market smarter not harder and minimize your workload.

Sales Automation

Automate your sale workflow and grow your revenue faster. The fastest way to increase sales without having to work harder.


Without analytics, how can you make informed decisions about your marketing activities. You need powerful reporting that allows you to make decisions on what is or is not working, and fast.


Everyone is mobile these days. And you need to be able to conduct business wherever you are and reach your customer wherever they are. Smarter solutions for every device.

Payments & Integration

So, you have made the sale. Now you want to make sure collecting payment is easy, simple and seamless. And you want to make sure the process for your customers is easy to. You need a fully integrated platform for invoicing, billing, collection and communication.

You don’t want to spend time collecting data, leads, sales and payments without all this information being integrated for a smoother process and smoother lines of communication. Spend less time connecting systems and more time focused on your business activities.


The key to a successful project is clear and constant communication. We can report daily, weekly and monthly on your campaign’s success regarding KPI’s we have all agreed on, so you always know where your project is heading and never paying for things you don’t need. Additionally, we book regular one on one calls with team members that are included in the project to explain your project progress, direction, and answer any questions that may arise to keep continued flow of communication.


Our tailor made solutions are built from the ground up to solve small businesses biggest problems. If you are looking for proven and smarter ways to scale your business as you grow – book a free consult to find out how we can blueprint a solution for your business.

  • Colin has been instrumental in broadening my awareness of Online Business Strategies, in particular, that of the use of Social Media to establish my brand. Over a number of years, I have utilized Colin and his team for two complete website make-overs. I find his attention to detail excellent and that he is generous with his time and advice. I highly recommend Colin as a Business Coach and online marketing and branding expert.

    Steve McMarson
    Steve McMarson
    Steve McMarson Photography
  • I have been fortunate to work with Colin on several projects recently. Colin has a very special skill set in the areas of web development, social media marketing and demographic profiling. However, it is Colin’s application of these skill sets that has impressed me most. Colin looks at projects from a helicopter perspective to ensure that a project synergises across the business and offers the client total value. He will not take on a job if the end result will not add value to a client's business.

    James Crowson
    James Crowson
    Team Think

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