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We create solutions that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better.

We understand to grow a strong successful business you need to develop long and profitable relationships with the right people. We work with you in your company looking for places to improve your current processes and how to help you grow your business into the company you have always dreamed about. We then customise a solution for you.

We know that we cannot help everyone we meet so we are very selective and careful about which projects we take on and who we work with. This allows us to deliver outstanding support, service and continue to build our relationship with your company and brand.

All of our team are passionate about business, knowledgeable, honest, work with integrity and like to have fun while they are doing it.

Since 2001, Boost Your Business is the company that caters to your business needs. We are the company that has been in the internet business way back when internet speeds were just a snail’s pace. At Boost Your Business, we specialise in you. We are all about making your brand and business smarter and more successful.



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Always Something New

So many businesses are broken in 2018

Traditional business is broken because how we all buy products and services has changed for ever. We have become reliant on technology and witnessing and experiencing exponential change on growth. For the first time ever we will see Gen Y outspend baby boomers and Gen X combined…. are you ready for this?

How does this effect you? Well this effects everything! You need to be mobile, you need to be accessible 24/7, you need to be knowledgeable and helpful, all without your potential customer speaking to you!

If you can master the art of automation you will be leader in your industry, if not you might as well shut shop now.

Plan for Success

77% of businesses admit to not having a business plan with 86% not having a marketing plan.

Are you trying to mimic what you see other successful businesses or larger companies in your industry do? This is not a business plan. Your successful business plan should be yours and yours alone. It should be one that permeates every level of your business structure.

A plan is an outline for how you do business and where your business is headed. Without a plan, you are navigating in the business world blind folded. A plan is the way you and your team set out to achieve your objectives. It is unique to your culture that flows throughout your organisation. Every member of your staff needs to be familiar with your business plan and know where their place within that strategy is.

If you can create a business plan you are already ahead of over 70% of other businesses and ahead of your competition.

Automate to Survive

To stay ahead of the game in 2018 you need to automate

Business owners are so busy to be doing everything themselves the don’t have time to be doing the same tasks over and over again. This is why business needs to automate.

By looking at and assessing your current processes and procedure you would be surprised at how much you can automate and save yourself literally 1000’s of hour per year.

From auto replies to customer enquires, marketing campaigns that are based on consumer behaviour to responding to emails there are so many tool available today to completely change your daily business requirements.

Help when you need it wherever you are in your business

Find the help you need to narrow your focus, get the most out of your time, and shape your marketing into a revenue engine.
Get more out of business results with one-on-one consulting, tailor made solutions, group workshops, live events, virtual support, downloadable guides, webinars, access to our business training institute and much more!

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Our tailor made solutions are built from the ground up to solve small businesses biggest problems. If you are looking for proven and smarter ways to scale your business as you grow – book a free consult to find out how we can blueprint a solution for your business.

  • Colin has been instrumental in broadening my awareness of Online Business Strategies, in particular, that of the use of Social Media to establish my brand. Over a number of years, I have utilized Colin and his team for two complete website make-overs. I find his attention to detail excellent and that he is generous with his time and advice. I highly recommend Colin as a Business Coach and online marketing and branding expert.

    Steve McMarson
    Steve McMarson
    Steve McMarson Photography
  • I have been fortunate to work with Colin on several projects recently. Colin has a very special skill set in the areas of web development, social media marketing and demographic profiling. However, it is Colin’s application of these skill sets that has impressed me most. Colin looks at projects from a helicopter perspective to ensure that a project synergises across the business and offers the client total value. He will not take on a job if the end result will not add value to a client's business.

    James Crowson
    James Crowson
    Team Think

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