Automate These 7 Office Tasks with Infusionsoft for Better Productivity

Automate These 7 Office Tasks with Infusionsoft for Better Productivity

Get rid of time-consuming office tasks now! Let Infusionsoft help you automate tasks to bring in better productivity. Check out what it can do!

You had a spark of a great idea and a business was born. As it grows, so does the pile of paperwork that you have to do. Instead of spending time on value-adding activities, a good chunk of it was used to attend to menial jobs- administrative work, HR processes, and the likes have taken up not only time but also resources.

Those office tasks are important. But to keep the business running, you need to have time to find and nurture your customers, sell your products or services, and get ideas and develop them into new offerings. To do that, you need to automate your time-consuming office tasks.

Here are seven office tasks you can easily automate with Infusionsoft:

1. Contracts and Agreements

In a manual system, misplacing the paperwork’s of a project would have monetary repercussions. To minimise, if not eliminate this, automating the process would mean tracking the whereabouts of contracts and agreements easier. Automated reminders can be sent out in case the digital forms were not returned promptly.


2. Customer Information Management

Customer information is important not only for monitoring periodic purchases but also in customising product or service offers aligned with customer preferences. This is one of the tasks that can be automated instead of handling bulky piles of paper and folders that would take time to organize, update and segmented. Customers and prospects would enter their information on a website and become part of a database. The information can be made available to different departments in the company like sales, customer service, etc.


3. Estimates and Invoices

The transaction follows a long process from sending estimates to invoicing and final payment, especially in a manual environment. These daily office tasks can be automated with Infusionsoft. This can be done by setting up digital reminders on your estimates and invoicing. Customers will also be reminded of recurrent invoices and payments. Automatic payments can also be set up. With this, transaction processing time would be shortened thereby increasing cash flow turnover.


4. Appointments and Meetings

One of the tricky parts in setting up a meeting is aligning everyone’s schedule. This is especially true for big companies. With an automated office tool, schedule alignment and appointment reminder could be done efficiently. It would significantly cut down the time of back and forth communication to align everyone’s schedule.


5. After-sale Services

Maintaining customer base means reaching out to them after the sale is completed. It would include sending thank-you notes, a birthday greeting to a regular customer or a sales call follow up for recurring purchases. Using office automation tools would ensure that you don’t miss important dates and stay on top of your customer service.


6. New Hire Screening and Paperwork

The hiring process can be tedious and involves many paperwork, most of them requiring the same set of information. By using office automation software, the hiring process can be shortened significantly. Applicants may be filtered based on a set of parameters required for a position. This will cut down the time spent on reviewing each application form.

When hired, new employees can fill out the basic information that can be populated into digital forms for faster processing. Not bogged down by the hiring process, HR can divert their attention to other tasks like employee training and retention.


7. Bill Payments

A typical scenario when it comes to bills payment is writing a check or charging the amount on a credit card as the payments become due. When you automate this office task, you can set up the amount that will be automatically withdrawn from an account. Payments can be scheduled in such a way that cash flow is managed better, and you pay on time.


8. The Gist of Office Task Automation

If your business is starting, automating office tasks would allow you to focus on tasks that would bring in more customers and business. If you’re a big company with multiple branches and hundreds of employees, an office automation software would reduce human error, and free up time and resources. This would allow you to redirect it to more profitable endeavours, while kerbing stress. All these you could do with Infusionsoft.