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Automate These 7 Office Tasks with Infusionsoft for Better Productivity

Get rid of time-consuming office tasks now! Let Infusionsoft help you automate tasks to bring in better productivity. Check out what it can do! You had a spark of a great idea and a business was born. As it grows, so does the pile of paperwork that you have to do. Instead of spending time on value-adding activities, a good chunk of it was used to attend to menial jobs- administrative work, HR processes, and the likes have taken up not only time but also resources. Those office tasks are important. But......

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Convert Customers Using the Infusionsoft Lifecycle Marketing

Have you been looking for an effective way of converting customers? Infusionsoft’s three-stage lifecycle marketing strategy is the answer! Learn how to do it! The world of digital marketing has been growing at an amazing pace. Recently, Infusionsoft has introduced the term “lifecycle marketing”, a very effective strategy in converting customers. This is the process of communicating with prospects in such a way that they enjoy the experience of being lured by strangers to customers (or even advocates) of your product or service. The key to success in lifecycle marketing is two......

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GDPR: How It Affects Your Small Business (Yes… Even in the US)

What does a European Union law about privacy have to do with your small business? That might seem like a ridiculous question to ask, but it’s not. The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, went into effect on May 25, 2018. And with privacy issues in the news on a near-daily basis, with the recent Congressional hearings about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, you can’t afford to ignore the ramifications of GDPR for your business. You could keep your head buried in the sand – but that’s not a good idea.......

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Can Reviews Affect Your SEO Rankings?

You already know that local SEO is the name of the game. It’s essential to send Google signals – through keyword use and other SEO techniques – that your business is local, as well as it who it serves and where it is. What you might not know is this: Your online reviews play a direct role in your business making the cut to appear in the Google local three-pack. In case you don’t know, that’s the collection of businesses that appear at the top of Google’s SERP when someone searches a......

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